Urban Growth

Topics: Population density, Olympic Games, Five Dock, New South Wales Pages: 6 (1892 words) Published: March 25, 2013
Rhodes is a suburb that is located 16 km west of the Sydney CBD. It is the local government area of Canada Bay (merged council of Drummoyne and Concord). As you can see from the map, Rhodes lies on a peninsula on the southern bank of Parramatta River. The district can be categorized in 3 different sections due to its different characteristics. Eastern side- East of Concord Road is mainly residential areas and parklands that are situated in front of Parramatta River. Central- Between Concord Road and railway is mostly commercial usage such as warehouses and offices. Western side- West of railway features new developments of previous chemical factories. In 2010, City of Canada Bay approved plans to build residential houses. It is expected that it would be the most densely populated areas of Sydney besides the CBD.

The excessive amounts of contamination have triggered the Rhodes redevelopment due to environmental factors, a better usage of land and the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games. The contamination has caused problems in many different aspects. -Recreational- Fishing is not recommended due to the polluted waters. There were no parks, grassland for social gatherings etc. -Economy- Abandoned factories have no use except take up space and continue to pollute the area. Built dwellings and shops to boost economy. - Environment- Polluted waters which killed much marine life. No plants were growing due to the bad quality of the soil -Health- Many chemicals that were being manufactured in Rhodes were cancer causing if exposed for long periods. This report is to outline and explain and investigate the urban growth, renewal and remediation of Rhodes. Also, the report will include the industrial era of Rhodes and the changes the peninsula has undertaken. I will also give recommendations on how the area can be improved. This will be backed up by my research and sources.

Questions and Answers
1. What was Rhodes used for before the building of residential/commercial areas? 2. Why did they start developing residential/commercial areas and how is this an example of Urban Renewal? 3. Where are the most polluted areas?

4. How is Rhodes now compared to before?
5. What are some demographic changes and where is most populated in Rhodes?

1. What was Rhodes used for before the building of residential/commercial areas? The Rhodes area was virtually an untouched piece of land with heavily forested areas back in 1900. It was in 1911 when many industrial companies became interested in Rhodes and wanted to build factories. The first to do so was Messrs. G & C Hoskins who established a large foundry. They manufactured cast iron pipes for gas and water. Later in 1928, they became to be known as Australian Iron & Steel Ltd. They produced railway rails, weapons and steel lockings. They produced over 100,000 tons of metal each year. In 1935, CSR founded as Colonial Sugar Refinery took over and manufactured chemicals and industrial building materials. They also refined sugar but not in the Rhodes area. During 1930-1980, many companies occupied the Western side of Rhodes mass producing varies chemicals. Such companies were Berger Paints, CSR Chemicals, Union Carbide and Allied Feeds.

2. Why did they start developing residential/commercial areas and how is this an example of Urban Renewal? •The Olympic Games
In 2000, The Homebush area was selected to be the location for the Olympic Games. This put pressure on the government to clean and redevelop the Rhodes/Homebush area because it was considered the most polluted area in Australia. •Too Much Pollution

The pollution was getting out of hand as the pollution was affecting surrounding suburbs such as Concord, Putney and Lidcombe. The side-effect of Parramatta being polluted was felt everywhere. The water had an odor and it was quite toxic to fish out of. The amount of dioxin found in fish was 15 times the legal limit to sell fish. It was also putting many people in risk...
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