Unit 7 Seminar Sandwich Blitz

Topics: Management Pages: 1 (308 words) Published: December 13, 2012
Unit 7 Seminar –
As part of this unit seven seminar I am to explain the differences between traditional and team environments. Traditional environment the manager plan and assigns all work, while also determining the job that is needed done. Almost all information is for management use only, while the limited knowledge of jobs is defined. Cross training is unproductive and training for non management is mainly to cover technical issues. All employees work alone, while risk taking is punishable by standard operating procedures. As a part of traditional environments all rewarding of employees are based on individual performances. Also the managers decide on what is the best work ethics and guidelines for employees to follow. As for team environments it’s a little more open for employees. Jobs are not narrowly defined, they require knowledge and skills. While the managers and team members plan and assign the work. Almost all information is shared at all levels including entry level positions. Cross training is a productive part of the organization. Further training is continuous for all employees not just technical, but intrapersonal and administrative. Employees work together as a team, while risk taking is supported and encouraged. All employees work to continue high standard work ethics and rewards are not based on just individual work but team contributions as well. Organizational Effectiveness refers to how effective the organization’s processes are. Teams contribute to this by creating a wider margin of success by working together all the time. Also exploring new options together as a whole, rather than individuals. Managers and employees working in teams and being cross trained create an easy flow of business for any kind of company. The knowledge and skills that they required while being an employee under the team environments is something that helps a company in the long run become an unstoppable effective organization.
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