Unit 5 Nvq Health and Social Care

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2. What factors may contribute to an individual being more vulnerable to abuse? Name and describe at least 4 factors
- dementia – people with dementia are more vulnerable for being abused, because they can’t speak up for themselves, and even if they say about being abused people might think that they’re lieing or this is part of their disease - being abused in the past – people who were abused in past are more vulnerable for being abused, because they are more sensitive cause they were abused in past so they remember this and they’ve got trauma - Someone who is mentally handicapped or medically dependent people, such as nursing home patients or people with debilitating diseases like MS, Parkinson's, or cancer, because they dependent on other people and they can’t live by themselves - Has depression, loneliness, or lack of social support, because he is alone, he doesn’t have any support from eachother, or nobody is interested to help him b) what action to take if a service confides in you that they are being abused If a service user confides in me that he is being abused I need to take a case seriously. I can’t ignore a Resident, no matter what but it also is very important to gather more information before seriouse measurments will be taken. First of all I need to take care of patient he need to be reassured that he can belive in me and talk with him about incident. I need to make him feel respected and provide effective listening. In case when abuse took place he need to be assured that it wasnt his fault and that I will do everything in my power to prevent any more incidents. I should report situation to my menager so that he could take proper steps, begin investigation and inform authorities. In the same time me and the rest of the staff would take care of abused Resident. People who were abused often thinks that it was their fault so I need to be sure that Resident will understand situation, he also should be informed through investigation. All...
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