Unit 4 E5 Childcare Level 3

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  • Published : December 12, 2012
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The teacher would also have to think about the planning of activities focusing on physical development if the class happens to have any physically or visually impaired children. Having special needs child in the class can make it very hard to plan an activity in which everyone is involved. For example if a teacher wanted to organise a gymnastic session where the children learn to develop physically using challenging apparatus, such as climbing ropes, balancing beams and trampolines, a child in a wheelchair would have to sit out. However this activity may be altered to suit this diversity by possibly only using the trampolines and smaller, safer apparatus where the child may be able to participate with some help and guidance.

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Unit 4– E5

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Children's Physical Challenges.

Issues that effect the planning of a challenging environment.

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A challenging environment for a child is one which extends their learning, gives them choices, allows them to take risks and also learn from their mistakes. The childcare workers need to ensure that the environments that are provided reflect the needs of the children and provide opportunities for challenge.

Affordability of Equipment.
One of the main affecting factors is the setting’s affordability of equipment. Some settings may get a lot of their money from government funding, but for other private and independent settings, buying equipment to suit the needs of the children can be a difficult task. “Pressure on the curriculum, school budgets and fears of litigation over accidents are squeezing out-of-class learning.” -Teacher support network, June 2003. This shows that even government funded schools have previously struggled in creating challenging environments...
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