Unit 25 Ccld

Topics: Religion, Faith, Education Pages: 5 (1045 words) Published: November 4, 2012
Unit 25: Modern Beliefs and Religions for
The Early Years Practitioner
Scheme of Work
Duration of Units:
Unit 25:60 Guided Learning Hours/5 Credits
Number of Sessions per week: 2
Duration of Sessions: 55 minutes per session

General Unit Objectives:
Unit 25 –
On completion of this unit a learner should:
explore the different beliefs and religions that are part of societies today, enabling them to appreciate and understand the richness and -------------------------------------------------
diversity of multicultural life. Learners will be able to explore, and gain insight into, the influences of religious and other beliefs on the development and socialisation of young children. They will learn about the importance of moral and spiritual development and gain understanding of the role of religious education in the curriculum. Learners will also have the opportunity to plan an activity for children, based on exploring different beliefs and religions. 1. -------------------------------------------------

Understand the importance of children’s moral and spiritual development 2. -------------------------------------------------
Understand different religions and beliefs
3. -------------------------------------------------
Understand the role of religious education in the early years.


Literacy is promoted throughout the course. It is essential that ALL Children’s Care, Learning and Development teachers use this scheme to identify and incorporate activities within their teaching strategies and individual lesson plans to promote the development of student’s literacy skills. -------------------------------------------------

Student’s literacy skills will be developed in the areas indicated throughout the Scheme of Work. This development will include the student’s ability to use and appreciate terminology and write in a more structured and formal manner. All students should be encouraged to read a variety of differing texts and apply their knowledge in the given tasks. This will include students reading their written work to check their understanding of the subject area in order to appreciate the level of their own written skills and knowledge. -------------------------------------------------

The purpose of citizenship is to encourage the Spiritual, Moral, Cultural and Social development of students. This is apparent throughout every aspect of the Children’s Care, Learning and Development course with focuses on therefore the very nature of the course significantly overlaps with the Governments Citizenship requirements.

Numeracy plays a major part in much of the Children’s Care, Learning and Development scheme of work as students are using statistics, graphs and charts on a regular basis. In every study or investigation that is looked at students are expected to analyse and evaluate the data and so numeracy skills are constantly being developed -------------------------------------------------

Wherever possible the students will be encouraged to use ICT during their research activities. The students will be encouraged to use ICT as a tool to further their...
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