Unit 15 P1

Topics: Choice, Preference, Decision theory Pages: 1 (407 words) Published: April 17, 2013
Source| How it was useful| evidence|
http://www.careers4u.tv/graphic-designer/| This website contained very general chunks of information for a job when you searched for it. However there where many videos which allow you to digest information from people who are in that job sector. You get knowledge from people who have actually been there therefore it is very useful and factual. In the video many questions are also answered, like how difficult it was it to get there and what the best part of the job is. This can give confused people more information and perhaps narrow down there choices for a career.| | http://www.brightknowledge.org/knowledge-bank/business-and-finance/careers-in-business| Bright Knowledge was very useful because after selecting a topic for jobs it shows all related jobs, and within those sections it has paragraph after paragraph of the skills that are required and what those skills mean/include. This is very useful because if you are leaving an education facility like college and University you can compare the jobs that you are interested in and potentially find the one that is suits you.| | http://www.career.com/Career/LayoutScripts/Crrl_SearchResults.aspx| The main factor that made this source very useful was the fact that you could carry out a customised search. Therefore after choosing a prefer job you can look at jobs that have a specific salary, financials are very important especially at the start of your career. You can also change what location the job vacancies are situated which can directly relate to whether you can do the job or not. If a job is to far away some people may not be able to afford driving there every day or they may not own a vehicle so they may need to take public transport however at the end of the day it all down to whether it suits you or not.| | http://www.connexions-hw.org.uk/yp/page.php?p=435| After completing a stage of education like High school or college it can be hard to decide where...
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