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Unit 110 Work with Parents to meet their Children’s needs Outcome 1 ac1 The relationship between parents and their children is constantly adapting, beginning at birth. At birth is the point when the strongest attachment bonds form and parents strive to meet their baby’s every need. As the child gets older i.e. around two years old the relationship as parents begins to change they start educating their children through discipline etc. When setting boundaries for discipline rules are implemented. The rules provide children with the freedom to express themselves within certain boundaries enabling them to learn and develop effectively. Children of pre-school age through to adolescence are at the stage were parents begin teaching them about life to enable the children to have some understanding of the actions of others people, such as their friends, key worker’s and teachers. Through creating an understanding of boundaries children begin to realise that there will be consequences to their own actions. As children get older and enter adolescence the relationship with their parents continues to change. As children, get older children will become more involved decisions, giving them more responsibility and helping them to become progressively independent, while still supporting and protecting their children too. A relationship is thought to be interdependent when there are strong connections and shared power between two people. Parents’ behaviour, thoughts and emotions rely upon those of their children, their reactions matter to each other. Interdependent also means that parents and children have shared ambitions as well as separate ambitions that will clash with each other. Because of this, parents and their children will feel stronger emotions when they interact, work together a greater amount but also have more frequent arguments than people who do not have a close relationship. The parent-child relationship is important and individual. Parents and children have past, present and future relationships that keep changing as the parent and the child develop and learn from each other.

Outcome 1ac2 There are many factors which affect the relationship between parents and children through all developmental stages ranging from when a child is having tantrums or displaying unacceptable behaviour as this challenges parent’s ability to follow through with discipline and be consistent. As children get older and start to have friend that mum & dad doesn't like as they are a bad influence. Many conflicts from early stages of temper tantrums to bad choice of friends leading on to poor life choices such as drinking, smoking and other unhealthy habits. In most cases children want the best for their children and sometimes the hopes and aspirations they have are imposed on their children and this can lead to the children/ young people conflicting | |

| | | |
Outcome 1ac3 Explain key types of transitions that a child or young person may experience
Cross reference with Unit 022 Outcome 5 assessment criteria 1 and 2.

Unit 110 Work with Parents to meet their Children’s needs Outcome 1ac4 Parent hood is a rollercoaster ride with highs and lows but the highs out weight the lows in my experience. The time you had to play with goes but the time you have with your children is priceless. The initial change will be coping with the late night feeds and lack of sleep making you exhausted. Babies schedule will completely overturn any sleeping pattern you had in the past although this can settle after a few months in some cases this is no consolation when you only have a few hours sleep a night. It is important for mothers to try and rest/sleep while baby is to catch up. It is often difficult for fathers to catch up on sleep and rest as they only have the two weeks paternity and are back to work so endure the disrupted sleeping patterns etc. A common change brought by parent hood often affecting mothers is...
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