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The company has employed approximately 525 persons including management & non-management staff. Following departments are in operation in R.F Main Office. ♦Buying department
♦Human Resource Department
♦Planning department
♦Costing department
♦Finance department
♦Payment department
♦Cash office
♦Wages & salaries department
♦Business Support Department
♦Administration department

Pakistan Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Unilever Overseas Holding, UK, Unilever PLC (a company incorporated in the United Kingdom)

Fundamentals of Organization
We often begin to describe a firms Structure by looking at its Organization Chart. Organizational Chart:-
The reporting structure and division of labor in an organization is called Organizational Chart. The above chart provides a picture of reporting structure (who reports to whom) and the various activities that are carried out by different individuals. Note that organizational chart give various kinds of information that are conveyed in a very simpleway:1.The boxes represent different work.2.The titles in the boxes show the work perform by each unit.3.Reporting and authority relationship are indicated by solid lines showing superior-subordinate connections. 4.Levels of management are indicated by horizontal layers in the chart. All the persons or units that are of the same ranks and report to same person are on one level.5.The solid lines are called functional lines and they report to works manager and the dotted lines are called operational lines and they report to their own head. This would be someone in an organization. There are two fundamental concepts around which organization is structured is Differentiation and integration. Differentiation:-

Differentiation is created through division of labor and job specialization. Division of labor Means that the work of the organization is subdivided into smaller task. Various individuals and units throughout the organization perform different tasks. e.g. Repair and maintenance department further divided into sub department which are engineering store, area engineer personal wash, area engineer  personal product, engg. Planning, projects. They all have assigned different task under the repair and maintenance department. Specialization is a process in which different individuals and units perform different tasks. e.g. The Buying department of unilever has a specific task which purchasing inventory or raw material. Integration:-

The degree to which differentiated work units work together and coordinate their efforts. As Unilever differentiate their structures, managers must simultaneously consider the issues of integration. All the specialized in Unilever cannot be performed completely independently. Because the Unilever is a larger organization and it has different units, some degree of communication and cooperation must exist among them. Integration and its related concept, coordination, refer to the procedure that link the various part of Unilever to achieve the Unilever overall mission. e.g. the finance department, buying department and marketing department link together to achieve overall mission. First we will discuss vertical differentiation within Unilever organizational structure. This include issues pertaining to authority within an organization, the board of directors, the chief executive officer and hierarchical levels, as well as issues pertaining to delegation and decentralization.

Vertical Structure:-
Vertical structure is also called Reporting structure which tells about the hierarchy of an organization a chain of command. This is Hierarchical Levels

Top Level Middle Level Lower Level- Picture

Unilever Span of Control
A span of controlis the number of people who report to one manager in a hierarchy. The more people under the control of one manager - the wider the span of control. Less means a narrower span of control. Unilever has the Narrow span of control...
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