Topics: Social responsibility, Corporate social responsibility, Human rights Pages: 4 (1271 words) Published: December 9, 2012
Everyday 150 million people buy a unilever product to feed themselves or clean themselves or their homes. Employing over 206,000 people in over 100 countries and 2000 alone in uk achieving an annual sales of about 900 million pounds in UK, unilever today is one of the largest international company today. Like many companies even unilever has faced its ups and downs. it was established in the 1885 and faced many difficulties until the end of second world war, even though in spread in fragments, unilever continued to expand and invest as heavily as 1 billion pounds every year for research and devolopment. Unilever very proudly achieved the ‘Eco business – Multinational Corporation’ category award at the Chambers Ireland President's Awards for Corporate Social Responsibility in 2008. CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY:

As a responsible corporate citizen even the company has some liabilities against various parameters : Meeting : an annual meeting is held in the Hoc where the policies and conduct of the company and its employees is evaluated, not only this topics such as animal testing, human rights, sustainable living plan, labour policies and competitions based plans, their different technologies and etc are discussed. Human rights : the company has very well reviewd the United Nations statement about protecting human rights and and they very well realise that its every company”s primar goal to respect all the human right. Labour : the company maitains a very good and understanding relationship with its work force and caters to all the needs and complaints if any of their trade unions. Sustainable living plan : they revie , research and plan out yearly strategies for a better sustainable living wherby they aim at not only protecting and preserving the natural resources on which the company majorly depends but also hoe to enrich them and also the lifestyle of the consumers. The CSR focus of the company was also based on the education, art, public health,...
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