A Detailed Critical Analysis Comparing Two Cultures

Topics: Culture, Netherlands, Organizational culture Pages: 23 (5802 words) Published: November 26, 2010
TABLE OF CONTENTS PAGE NO Table of Contents 1 Proposed Topic of Assignment 2 Outline of Report/Assignment 3 Introduction to cross cultural issues 4 Introduction to Unilever 5 Unilever Business Strategy 5 Mission/Vision 6 Management style 7 (Comparison/Problems & recommendations)
Management structure; 7 – 10 (Comparison /Problems & Recommends)
Cultural Differences; 10 - 12 (Comparison/ problems & Recommendations)
Interacting Spheres of Culture; 13 - 18 Language
Professional cultural issues /recommendations
Functional cultural issues/recommendations
Corporate Cultural influences
Conflict resolution settings
Conclusion 19 Bibliography 20 - 22

Appendix A 23 - 27
Appendix B 28

Proposed topic of the assignment
You are a group of advisers to:
1. A USA or England based organization that has purchased a European based business. The reason for the purchase is to expand the business. Both organizations are in the same sector. Students may choose the sector. OR

2. A European Organization that wishes to establish a manufacturing operation in the Far East and Asia.

As advisers you are asked to provide a detailed critical analysis comparing the two cultures and to provide a detailed report on your findings. Based on your research make recommendations for each of the following:

1) Assess the likely problems that will need to be addressed to ensure integration of the two organizations and successful future growth.
2) Propose a solution detailing the management style, structure and reporting methods that will provide a solution to the issues identified. Support your argument with references to the available literature for each of the above.

* Introduction to culture and Unilever
* Identification of cultural issues and differences (Unilever UK –Newly Acquired Sara Lee Netherlands) * Major Issues affecting UNILEVER-NETHERLANDS)
* Critical Analysis of UK Culture in comparison with Netherland’s culture. * Theorizing cross cultural interactions between UNILEVER and newly acquired SARA LEE * Recommendations to cultural hindrances

* Meshing/Integration of UNILEVER UK – Newly Acquired SARA LEE * CONCLUSION

As organizations spread across the globe and set operations in different parts of the world, organizational culture is acquiring a whole new meaning. Thus, businesses introducing brand new and highly innovative products into a global market often face difficult choices. One thing that may be quite acceptable in one culture may not be preferred in other countries and cultures. This has far fetching effect on what people in different cultures perceive and how these cultural values affect business affairs in an altogether different environment.

In the 1980’s, partly in response to the rising power of...
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