Comparing Cultures

Topics: Jamaica, Caribbean, Jamaican cuisine Pages: 2 (824 words) Published: March 13, 2013
What is culture? Culture is an important part of our world today. Culture is a way to identify who you are and where you are from. It is important to know about the cultures of different people, so you can understand why they do the things they do and act they act the way they act. Food and what certain people eat is an aspect that is associated between a person and their culture. Another association between a person and their culture would be their political life. Jamaica and Mauritania are two countries where food and political life are very important to them. Each is on different continents and located across the world from one another. Jamaica is the third largest island in the Northern Caribbean and is part of the Greater Antilles. It's the largest English-speaking country in the Caribbean Sea, and it is 10,991 square kilometers. As of 2011, there are 2,868,380 people living in Jamaica. (Witherbee) While Jamaica is small country, Mauritania is much larger in scale. Mauritania is located in Northern Africa between Senegal and Western Sahara. The western side of the country is bordered by the North Atlantic Ocean. The official language is Hansaniya Arabic. Pular, Soninke, and Wolof all are also spoken throughout the country. As of 2011, Mauritania takes up 1,030,070 square kilometers and there are 3,281,634 people living there. (Healey) One of the most unique parts of a culture is the food that they eat. In a Jamaican day there are three meals throughout the day. It begins with a meal in the morning which is called drinking tea. Drinking tea consists of boiled bananas, roasted breadfruit, sauteed callaloo with salted cod, and herbal or chocolate tea. The second meal is a lighter meal, which usually is some sort of bread. (Culture of Jamaica) The main meal is eaten later in the end of the day. A main food that Jamaicans eat during this time would be Jerk Chicken. According to Amy Witherbee, “The island's most famous cooking method involves some form of meat...
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