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Topics: Birdwatching, Philippines, Tourism Pages: 29 (7760 words) Published: June 18, 2012
The Research about Hindrances that affect the growth of Tourist in Bird watching in Balanga City, Bataan


A Thesis Presented to the
Faculty of Tourism Management
Philippine Women’s University


In Partial Fulfilment
Of the Requirements for the Degree
Bachelor of Science in Tourism Management


Ms. Pamela Banzon, Ms. Rhea Salandanan,Ms. Jhemelie Zabala, Ms. Princess Eldwynne Panganiban



The development of transportation is one of the key factors that made our lives now more convenient. It served as medium in transporting goods from one place to another. Through this, every place became accessible. In early times, a person travels for religious purpose. Likewise, merchants and traders travel for businesses. They were the early peoples who were benefited by this development. Now a days, people travel for different reasons. Some of these reasons are educational, political, economical, technological, spiritual, and social. And these primary reasons give way to the tourism Industry.

Truly, one of the fastest growing industries now worldwide is the tourism industry. It is tourism industry who deals with tourist when it comes to their travel needs and wants. And in able to satisfy the tourist’, the industry makes sure that all travel components will deliver effectively and efficiently so that each tourist will have a worthy moment for every centavo they pull off from their pockets.

Indeed, bird watching is connected with tourism industry. Whereas, it is one of the main components of tour package-activity. Though there are different types of activity according to tourist’ needs and wants. All tourists require a peaceful environment where they can free their minds from stress and to have a break from their daily routine that they used to. That’s why people tend to look for stress-free kind activity. And bird watching is one of the best examples of this kind of activity.

Bird watching is a major component of wildlife tourism and is one of the most rapidly growing pastimes in Asia and in Western world. Significant numbers of inbound tourists visiting Philippines do so in part or primarily to watch birds. Although the economic, recreational and social significance of bird watching has been recognised elsewhere, virtually nothing is known about this form of recreation or its importance within tourism in Philippines. This review attempts to provide an initial description of the characteristics of birdwatching tourism in the Philippines and to discern its main constraints and challenges.

Birdwatching tourists tend to be well educated and many are relatively affluent. Those visiting Philippines are often highly motivated and well prepared. They tend to be either: singles or small groups travelling in and acting almost completely independently; or are limited by time or local knowledge and therefore more likely to join a tour. We discerned four categories (based on motivation and willingness to pay): General birdwatchers (mainly casual); Specialist birdwatchers with restricted budgets; Specialist birdwatchers willing to pay to see more birds; and Specialist birdwatchers requiring packaged birding. The specialists may visit a large number of locations but by far the largest numbers are concentrated in Palawan and Central Luzon.

At present, we do not know the dimensions of the economic impact of birdwatching tourism; this is a major research priority. However, as the birding industry grows worldwide, increasing numbers of tourists seeking to access our many endemic species are likely to arrive here in the Philippines. The major constraints to the growth of the industry...
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