Reserch on Undeveloped Tourist Places in Gujarat

Topics: Research, Sampling, Data collection Pages: 2 (461 words) Published: October 31, 2012
A Research Process
Undeveloped Tourist Spots In Gujarat
Group – B S.Y.MBA

Step 1 : Formulating Research Problem
The problem was that some tourist places are still undeveloped in Gujarat like Rupal , Delwada Village , Adalaj Ni Vav , Zanzari , Balaram , Tua & Timba , etc.

Step 2 : Extensive Literature Survey
We have collected and analyzed the data from the website: , the researcher’s view: Baker, M. J., & Cameron, E. (2008, March) , Government of Gujarat (2007) , Gujarat Tourism retrieved November 24, 2009 from .

Step 3 : Research Design
We have chosen Descriptive research design because it consider all accurate description about undeveloped tourist places in Gujarat and an association between tourist spots.

Step 4 : Sample Design
Firstly, In this research we know the all samples(no. of undeveloped tourist places in Gujarat) , so we have chosen probability sampling. In probability sampling, we have chosen area sampling because there is geographical area is important. According to Area sampling, we have chosen Ahmedabad-Gandhinagar city in that Rupal , Adalaj Ni Vav , Tin Darwaza , Julta Minar is selected.

Step 5 : Collecting The Data
In this Research we have use the method of Primary data collection for undeveloped tourist Spots in Gujarat. The Reason for using Primary data collection method is that, there is no major secondary data collection done on this topic. We Use Personal Interview method for collecting Primary data. We know it is quite costly and time consuming; but according to the topic with this method we get actual information by asking question to different people. In Personal Interview, we collect data from different class of people who are living in & near by Ahmedabad by simple random method with a sample size of 200 people.

Step 6 : Execution Of Project
In personal...
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