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The Study of Birds and Bird Watching Information


In this research paper about birds and bird watching it includes the learning of what exactly bird watching is, the best places to bird watch in the world, where to find birds for bird watching, the greatest time of year (seasons), as well as the worst time to consider bird watching, the many diverse species of birds that you might see at the various different bird watching locations in the world, and even the supplies needed while bird watching.

The Study of Birds and Bird Watching Information
Bird watching, some call it birding, is a hobby where you stare and observe birds in the wild in their natural, home environment. People have been spotting, watching, and studying birds for hundreds of years. Trying to find out more about the many different types of birds we see today. Bird watchers of today identify the birds they spot by taking pictures or drawing sketches of them, but a few centuries back, they used to shoot and mount the birds that they identified in their natural habitat. One of the most famous bird watchers was John Audubon. He killed hundreds of birds including new species he found. He then drew or sketched drawings of these finds which were published in 1840. Audubon got a high amount of praise for these drawings and sketches.

Later, The Audubon Society was created in the early nineteen hundreds. It was created in appreciation of the huge role he made to the discovery, identification and description of bird species in the U.S. It was also created to help protect the habitat for threatened and endangered bird species, to inform communities about birds, and to encourage more scientific expansion pertaining to the life of birds and how we can help them. (wiseGEEK,2011) The best time of the day to go bird watching for birds that hunt during the day is in the morning or at dusk. One to two hours after dawn and then one to two hours before the sun finishes setting. The best time to start bird watching is around 7 a.m. and to finish around 11 a.m. At that time of the day, the raptors are most active because their food sources are most active during the day and the raptors are usually hungry after the long night. Eagles and hawks use thermals to help them take off and soar. That’s why we can see them a few hours after sunrise, when the air warms up and the thermals are developed.(, 1992) For the birds that hunt at night, the best time to watch is between 11p.m. and 3 a.m. The most appropriate weather to bird watch would be days with strong winds. Days with heavy rain are not suitable for bird-watching because it’s not likely that the birds will fly around when it’s raining. (, February, March, May, and October are the months in which bird watching is the most popular.  In the month of February, birds try to locate places where they can build their homes. The majority of the birds will come back to the same place every year. They soar around often while locating a home with their songs claiming their reproduction territory. The month of March is a month of courtship flying. (, 2007) Male birds draw in the females with songs or stunning feathers. In April, the birds typically hatch their offspring and probably won’t be flying much. In the month of May, the adult-raptors are flying around and getting food for their offspring. In June, young offspring are being taught to fly, and seeing young fall while learning is a not uncommon.

We can observe birds without buying any particular equipment, there are several things that may help you see a bird, hearing, or recording birds. A digital camera would come in handy. If you see a bird that you don’t know or recognize, you might want to take a picture of it, and then show the picture to an expert or compare the picture to the pictures...
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