Unemployment in Jamaica

Topics: Unemployment, Jamaica, Jobless recovery Pages: 4 (975 words) Published: February 20, 2011

The aim of this School Based Assessment is to investigate unemployment in the community of Block 2E Garvey Meade, Portmore and to give or suggest recommendations that can be put in place to improve the unemployment rate in the community

Methodology EMPLOYED

In order to carry out this research the researcher will be using printed questionnaires. A questionnaire is an inexpensive way to gather data from a potentially large number of respondents, it is a series of questions written or typed and given to individuals to obtain statistically useful information about a given topic. Questionnaires were used because of its advantage to gather numerous information from different persons in a short time span, when compared to doing multiple interviews. The researcher also gathered information from other sources such as the internet and books. This was done so that the information presented was as close to a hundred percent accurate as possible.


The researcher of this assignment wanted to know the main cause and effect of unemployment in his community and how it impacts the community and its members. The researcher structured a set of five questions to aid in his effort, these are: What are the effects of unemployment?

How are the unemployed surviving?
What are some benefits of unemployment?
* What is the main reason for unemployment?
* What can be done to reduce unemployment?


The researcher collected the information presented in this S.B.A from the community of Block 2E Garvey Meade in Portmore, St. Catherine which holds approximately twenty-five households. A total of fifteen questionnaires were prepared for distribution, as the researcher thought that it was necessary to obtain answers from at least fifty percent of the inhabitants of the community. The researcher had expected for ten questionnaires to return.

The researcher wanted to ensure as much accuracy as possible...
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