Causes of Unemployment

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Unemployment & How It Effects Society

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Towards the end of the Bush administration and the beginning of the Obama administration, unemployment began to peak, and eventually was at an all time high since the Great Depression. Unemployment affects individuals as well as society as a whole. It affects the outlook of the country; the families that help build the nation, and the progress of said nation. Unemployment is said to create a ripple effect, it is the headline factor that leads to many other unraveling structures in society. An example of this is crime rate, life expectancy, even marriage rate. These attributes usually contribute to the nations outlook, but when these are negative, as they are now, the nation is looked at with less value.

The broad societal view of unemployment is completely negative. “Obama administration's historic extension of unemployment benefits to two years, fully 50 percent longer in duration than the prior record in the 1970s…” (Einhorn, p.22). This means Obama has changed the package of unemployment benefits for two years, and this hasn’t been changed since the 1970’s, which shows not only is our President effective, but how in need our society is. This has affected country in a broad sense like a bad economy and negative political outlook.

Obama’s time in office has been criticized mostly because of the unemployment rate. It reached it’s highest peak during the beginning of his term for presidency. Now other nations look down on our the United States because of this issue. The economy is also another reason for the President’s negative feedback. This is can all relate to the unemployment. “As unemployment rises, pressure for a fair deal for the jobless will grow” (Eaton, pg. 12). This is an issue because when the nations leader looks bad , every decision he makes looks bad.

Unemployment takes a big chunk out of the nations spending. When people can not pay , taxes rise sky high , to pay the unemployment benefits. This is in large part to our expanding nations' deficit. Since consumers are not buying everything that they wanted , their standard of living changes consumers are insecure about their job they aren't going to spend a lot of money on buying things, instead they will save their money. This has a crippling effect to our economy.

This also causes for government uprisings. Simply put , more taxes equal more tension between the people and the government. Now the people will scrutinize whatever the decision is being made for the country because of the increased taxes. People feel as though it is unjust the way the government is treating them , when most likely the government is just trying to survive. With the lack of the support of its own people , other countries are far more unlikely to enjoy this country. The tension doesn't end with the government , it trickles down between the people against themselves. People fight amoungst another over employment and/or employment oppurtunites. These people have to feed their families and with jobs seeming impossible to get – people get extremely competitive. They forget that everyone is going through something and turn on eachother. This can also be blamed on the fact that people stop social gatherings ,because of the expense, which in turn effects how people treat eachother. They have forgotten social skills and this is all in root of unemployment.

Also we get people who waste their skills on common jobs because the jobs that they went to school for are unavailable. They would either need more experience or more money to travel to a different location. So they get jobs that are readily available instead of jobs that they put forth their education in. This actually worsens their skills, and although they may work at a place they will be losing what they learned as time goes by.

The crime rate has climbed because of the lack of jobs and people have families to provide for. People are not just stealing...
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