Topics: Great Depression, Business cycle, Unemployment Pages: 1 (396 words) Published: December 13, 2012
Girl’s Rule, Boy’s Drool.
Women during The Great Depression were conflicted with not having their husbands with them when they were going through starvation. Many men went through unemployment including women. It went from 3 million to 4 million in just a year. Women were being the heroes throughout this point.

Men and women went through the Great Depression very differently. In this case, the men were weaker than the women. The men didn’t know what was going on with their lives, because they felt like failures due to not having jobs anymore and weren’t able to feed themselves and their families anymore. ‘’The women knew that life must go on and that needs of life must be met and it is their courage and determination which time and again have pulled us through crises than the present one.’’ (Susan Ware) This quote shows that since there men had no way of going through the Depression and had no way of keeping themselves busy that cause them to really getting affected throughout The Depression. However, when women had their husbands leaving them that caused a very huge crisis, if they were just a single lady or man living in the same house they didn’t have to worry about feeding kids. Basically they had nothing to worry about except for themselves, which helped some men and women with financial crisis and food throughout The Depression. Now of course if it were a family with kids that would make it even harder so when the Men left the women couldn’t bale on their children, after all women have a bigger heart then men. This just proves when the Men baled on their family members that just showed how much cowards they were however Women who were more stronger choose to stay with their family members no matter what would happen, they didn’t let The Depression stop them from living and keep their loved ones, throughout the entire depression they kept on telling themselves nothing is impossible if you keep on trying and that’s what the women did and at the end...
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