Understanding the Importance of Education

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  • Published : March 1, 2013
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Understanding the Importance of Education
“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” ― Nelson Mandela Education is one of the important processes in human life that people tend to through so as to pursue their long term dreams. In today’s world, education is believed to be the power for it is the process that makes good men out of nothing. The world can only come into civilization with education of which without it, all the activities taking place in the world can stagnate as there are no educated and skilled personnel to manage them. In the American history Education is recognized as an extremely important process as they also believe that it is through education that their country or states can gain political social and economic stability. This made education be referred to as the power due to the fact that it forms the basis of any good thing in the American history. Due to this significance that education has to the lives of people, very many strategies have been put forward to boost this process so as to continue serving many people. How do we approach our country’s economic instability by understanding the importance of the education? Education lays a good platform in everyone’s life. Learning is the key word of everyone’s life until the death. Learning does not mean to be to going to school. If a person realizes the importance of learning that is also called learning. In my life learning was started in many ways and interpreted in many ways. At my sixteenth birthday, I realized I did not learn anything so far. So the intuition of learning desire was started after I met my science teacher in my high school. He was a fantastic teacher and mentor. He said many times to me about higher education. It is always true sixteen to nineteen years of age is decidedly unambitious for thinking of a future. Many times my...
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