Education Matters

Topics: Higher education, Academic degree, High school Pages: 1 (251 words) Published: February 23, 2012
Without an education, the children in this country cannot grow up to be informed, knowledgeable, and involved citizen. Educated people know what matters to them and through education they will know what to stand up for. In time, the children of today will be the voting majority of tomorrow. Therefore, they must understand their rights; the history, current events and issues of America and of the world or American democracy will be in jeopardy. Educated people care about the world and they want to make a difference. An education is an opportunity for leadership. Undoubtedly, the leaders of today will impact our tomorrows. The level of education that a person has will have a great impact on what options they will have later on in life. An individual with an education and a degree will have more options for a better job as opposed to one who has only attained a high school degree. A person’s future is more guaranteed when he or she is educated. They can be anything in life if they are educated. Without education a person’s aspirations in life could be limited. Many job requirements ask for potential candidates to have a college degree or a master’s degree. Those who have not attained levels of higher education are not considered for the available job opportunities. Statistics show that people who have attained a college education earn more than those who do not have an education. Clearly then, an education does matter in America.
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