In-Depth Comparison on Education 10 Years Ago

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Education is the key to success it is the time by which a man studies and train for his readiness to pursue his dreams. It is the time to develop principles of life and making career decisions and finish his goal. It incorporates writing, reading, solving, memorizing, and so on as he/she is advancing to the next level to enhance his thinking skills. Studying feeds the mind and it also teach a man to have his own good attitudes and behaviours. It develops oneself physically, mentally and socially. Changes now on present times from the past make an in-depth comparison from studying of man and transitive ways and regulations that affects each of us and everyone.

Statement of Problem

Development of Education

Earlier Times
Education was informal and obstructed in some areas. Children are provided more on vocational training than academics only by there parents and in the house. They used the system of writing called “baybayin” also known as the Alibata.

Spanish Period
Friars generally tolerated on teaching. They made tremendous efforts to educate the people learning the local languages and focusing on Alibata script to communicate with the locals. Spanish missionaries established schools on different islands, which when they penetrated church and schools go together because also of propagation of Catholic Religion.

First Republic
School maintained by the Spain for three centuries was closed but reopened on August 29, 1898. The Burgos Institute of Malolos, The Military Academy of Malolos, and The Literary University of the Philippines were established. A system of free and compulsory elementary education was established by the Malolos Constitution.

After World War II...
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