Understanding Schools Policy for Displays

Topics: Education Pages: 1 (318 words) Published: December 7, 2012
1.1 Describe the schools policy for displays.
To cover the criteria, you will need to obtain a copy of your schools display policy. In your own words provide a detailed description of the main points covered within the policy.

The school policy on displays has 4 sections, an overview, objectives, strategies and outcomes. It does it in this way to make it very easy to understand. The overview states that the aim of the displays in school is to celebrate the children’s work by giving their work prominence not only in the classrooms but in shared parts of the school too. The objectives state that the school aims that the school should be filled with excellent examples of the learners work, and show a wide range of work from the curriculum. It aims to set high standards and to ensure that the school and classrooms are a welcoming place. The strategies state that the teachers are to be responsible for their classrooms displays with the support staff being directed in the mounting of the displays. Also teachers are to be responsible for making sure the displays are kept up to date and changed regularly. All staff will provide learners' work for the shared areas and a rota is kept to ensure all will participate. They should cover all areas of the curriculum. Each class will be given a time in the year that it will be invited to mount a display in the school entrance and on corridors. All art work should be double mounted to make the presentation of the work exciting. The outcome of the displays in the school is that visitors to the school will be impressed by the quality of the work on display and the work on display should communicate the school ethos. The displays are to make the school an exciting, happy and welcoming place for children, staff and visitors.
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