Displays: Educational Psychology and Risk Assessment

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  • Published : March 9, 2013
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1.1 Describe the school policy for displays

* Good Practice of Presentation.
* New displays should be positive and effective.
* Purposes of a display
* Considerations before you start a display, e.g. Safety, Age of the children’s work, Duration of how long it will be up, Consider how work is displayed in traffic areas * Covering the boards- Backing, Fixing, Edges, Corners,

* Mounting the work- making your display look inviting
* Labelling and lettering
* 3D Displays
* Borders – Theme, colour, size
* Health and safety- risk assessment
* Tools needed - to help you with your display. These should be got together before you start. We do not have a policy in our school but these are the factors I take in to consideration when doing a display.

1.2 Describe the importance and purposes of displays in school

* They are used to promote classroom management and motivation * Displays promote active learning
* Teachers/TA’s create displays and use them effectively for educational purposes * The environment has a large impact on a child’s learning * Children who feel more engaged in their classrooms, will most likely be more receptive * It can encourage children to interact more with their environment * Displays maybe a form part of record keeping.

1.3 How are displays used in the learning process

* Displaying a child’s work can help other students learn from each other through social interaction * Child get inspired by seeing their work and fellow classmates * Display of work celebrates success and their achievements * Displays promotes motivation and engagement

* Children feel a sense of pride and accomplishment when they see their work displayed * Displaying of materials and students work can play an integral role in the learning and teaching process * A display in an area or classroom will help set the tone or expectations into that environment and help...
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