Understand How to Manage Elecronic and Paper Based Information

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Unit three: Principles of managing information and producing documents


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Name: Natalie Fitch

Section 1 – Understand the purpose of information technology in a business environment

1. In relation to your current business environment (or one that you are familiar with), identify at least two different types of information technology that may be used when completing work tasks.

In the business environment that I work in the different types of IT that we use on a daily basis include:- * Word Processing
* Spreadsheets
* Databases
* Emailing
* Mobile Information Technology

2. What are the benefits to businesses (and others) of using information technology for doing work tasks?
There are many benefits of using Information Technology (IT) for doing work tasks. These benefits include:- * Speed – admin tasks can be completed quickly
* Flexibility – you can amend and correct documents swiftly and efficiently. You don’t need to re-start from scratch. * Quality – the quality is better as you can use spell checker and templates. Templates enable documents to be professional looking. Using IT can enable the documents to have changes made to the layout. * Efficiency and Effectiveness – can result in a business being more efficient, more organised and more productive. Using IT brings a lot of benefits to the business, which include:- * Being more productive

* Being more responsive
* Being more efficient
Section 2 – Understand how to manage electronic and paper-based information

1. Explain the purpose of agreeing objectives and deadlines when researching information.

If possible, refer to specific examples from research tasks you have worked on to support your answer.
It is

2. Identify the different ways of researching, organising and reporting information.
There are many ways in which you can research, organise and report information. When carrying out research there are certain things that need to be carried out beforehand. These include:- * Use documents efficiently

* Read any relevant information carefully
* Source the correct document
* Find out how the information should be presented
* Confirm that the document is up to date
* Make sure the researcher knows what they’re looking for Before the research is given to the recipient, there are things that need to be established. These are:- * Types of information required

* Why it is required
* When it is required
* The recipient and what they know already.
When you are carrying out the research, it is important that the information that is being collected is kept in an organised fashion. The information should be kept in clearly marked files. The information should be kept in an order that will make it easy to use when the information is passed on to the recipient. Information can be arranged in several ways such as alphabetically or numerically. It helps to have in mind how the information is going to be reported.

3a) For your own organisation (or one you know well), describe the procedures that need to be followed when archiving, retrieving and deleting information. Your answer should cover procedures for both electronic and paper-based information.

In all businesses information needs to be...
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