Understand Children and Young Persons Development

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  • Published : December 26, 2012
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Unit 137
Outcome 1

CommunicationPhysicalMoralEmotionalPersonal + Social
0 – 6mnths• Cries, coos, and grunts
• Babbling
• Pays attention to own name• Focuses both eyes together • Visual and oral exploration
• Imitates some movements and facial expressions
• Feeds 3-5 times a day
• Control of head and arm movements
• Reaches, grasps, and puts objects in mouth• Emotional distress • Smiles at a face (social smiling)
• Can respond positively to touch
• Laughs
• Begins to realize he/she is a separate person from others • Can be comforted by a familiar adult
• Recognizes parents
• Distinguishes familiar people
6mnths – 1yr• Responds to simple commands
• Responds to own name
• Says first real word• Sits without support
• Crawls
• Controls legs/feet
• Can stand
• Throws objects
• Mimics simple actions• Emotional attachment to parents • Separation anxiety• Distinguishes between living and non-living objects • Aware that objects exist even when out of sight (object permanence) 1 - 2yrs• Repeats words

• Vocabulary of more than 200 words
• Walks unaided
• Feeds himself/herself
• Runs
• Toilet training
• Obeys commands
• Temper tantrums
• Expresses negative feelings• Understands many words, simple phrases, and directions • Does opposite of what is told
• Plays by himself/herself and initiates his/her own play
• Begins to show pride and pleasure at new accomplishments 2 - 3 yrs• Uses short sentences
• Points to common objects when they are named
• Recounts events that happened that day• Can jump• Begins self-evaluation • Conscience starts to appear• Fear of separation
• Sense of humor
• Displays aggressive feelings/behaviors• Copies parents’ actions • Gives orders
• Groups objects by category
• Assertive about his/her preferences
• Shows awareness of gender identity
3 - 4yrs• Uses and understands sentences
• Can sing a song• Likes to share
• Curiosity – asks many “why” and “how” questions • Shows...
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