Expected Pattern of Development from Birth to 19years

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  • Published : November 19, 2012
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Expected pattern of development from birth to 19years

AgePhysicalCommunication and intellectualSocial,emotional and behavioural

0-3 monthsGross- waves arms and brings hands together over body. Fine-clasps and unclasps handsThrough crying and physical contact. Smiles back when they see a smiling face..Babies may stop crying after they are picked up or by hearing a familiar voice. By 3 months they get excited when its time to feed

3-6 monthsGross-rolls over from back to front and moves head to watch others Fine-reaches for a toy and moves it from one hand to anotherEnjoys rhymes and action songs. Uses sounds to gain attention.Can laugh showing a range of feelings. Stops crying when talked to and reaches out to be held.

6-12 monthsGross-sits unsupported and likely to be mobile e.g. rolling or crawling. by 12 months may stand alone briefly. Fine-grasps objects with index finger and thumb.Starts to babble and enjoys looking at books. They also watch and copy adults.Is affectionate towards family and primary carers but discriminates between strangers and family. plays peek-a-boo.

1-2 yearsGross-may walk holding onto furniture, by 2 years will walk unaided. Fine-uses spoon to feed, can hold own cup and will start to scribble.Waves bye-bye, fingers point to objects to draw attention to adults. Less babbling and more recognisable words e.g. “no”,”come”Cries when left with someone they don’t know. keen to explore as they become more confident.

Also interested in other children but does not play cooperatively.

2-3yearsGross-uses sit and ride toys and able to run. At this stage they are able play on slides. Fine-draws circles and turns pages in books.Points to pictures of familiar objects and names them. Start to recognise shapes.

Starting to use sentences or putting words together.
Playing imaginatively e.g. on the home corner.Shows kindness Begins to understand anger and feelings.
Gets frustrated when they don't get what they...
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