Under Armour

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1. a. Under Armour’s major competitive advantage is in its product concept. It produces athletic gear that enhances the performance, uses high-tech material that gives clothes a snug fit and wicks away moisture, keeping athletes cool, dry, and feeling “light”. It has a unique product. b. It frequently uses free endorsements.

c. It has achieved a very rapid growth in a short period of time. It’s revenue has increased by almost 6 times between 2003-07. d. Under Armour brand is identified with performance.
e. Professional athletes not only volunteer to wear Under Armour but also want to wear it due to uniqueness of its product and psychological differentiation through its marketing campaign.

2. Under Armour’s main competitors are:
a. Nike
b. Adidas/Reebok
c. Columbia Sportswear
d. SportHill

Among some measures that show Under Armour performance versus its competitors are: * Incredible revenue growth
* Fast brand establishment: “Under Armour is no longer up-and-coming brand. It has positioned itself as a real player in the industry in the eyes of consumers in only a few years’ time”. * “Under Armour is identified with performance the way Starbucks (large recognized corporation) is identified with performance. * It has captured 20% of the U.S. football shoe market in the first year. * Has 5 lines to cover any type of climate.

* Licenses its brand to independent manufacturers providing wider range of branded products to its customers. * Has established national and international presence in a short period of time. * It is able to quickly earn loyalty after a customer had one or two good experiences with their purchase. * Incorporates feedback into existing and new products.

* Under Armour had established its authenticity through psychological differentiation. * Its activities and performance correspond with its mission and vision statements (or company objectives). * Revenue from foreign sales other...
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