Types of Learners

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Types of learners

People learn in a variety of ways. There are people who better perceive information by listening to it, whereas others prefer seeing or visualising it. Some people tend to learn everything through practising . Still, others learn best through reading and writing. According to the way of perceiving information, learners can be classified into four types: auditory, visual, kinesthetic and read/write.

The first type of learners is auditory learners who process information primarily through listening and verbalizing. As an example, they focus their ears and attention on your words, listening carefully to everything what you say. Reciting information out loud and having music in the background may be a common study method. However, other noises may become a distraction resulting in a need for a relatively quiet place. Another characteristic feature of auditory learners is that they speak slowly and tend to talk rather than write in order to relish the opportunity to discuss what they have heard.

The second type of learners is visual who process information through seeing and visualizing. For example, graphics, diagrams, pictures or slide shows will be learnt faster and easier by these people. Generally, visual learners tend to be readers who diligently take down every word. Moreover, in order to remember the necessary information, they always draw or outline it. While doing their work, they need silence. In contrast to auditory learners, visual learners are fast talkers and they exhibit impatience by interrupting you. Another type of learners is kinesthetic who learn best through a “hands-on” experience. In other words, doing an activity can be the easiest way for them to learn. For instance, they want to have their hands on the keyboard, the hammer, or the test tube because they think in terms of physical action. One could also say that these people learn through trial and error. Since kinesthetic learners tend to...
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