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Topics: Learning styles, Kinesthetic learning, Educational psychology Pages: 3 (894 words) Published: January 9, 2013
Everybody has their own learning styles. Some learn by seeing, some by hearing, some by reading or writing and some by experiencing things. Multifocal learning is the preferred learning style for majority of the learning population. Multifocal learning can be a combination of Visual and Auditory or Read/Write or Kinesthetic. It can also be a combination of 2or 3 of the above mentioned leaning styles. Multifocal Learning helps to use more strategies to learn and communicate. So based on the questionnaire aural, read/write and kinesthetic is the preferred learning style. For the multifocal learners, they prefer more techniques of learning and they may feel incomplete if they have to stick to only one strategy. To learn new things in desirable way, one is comfortable and they have to make useful what they are involved and to get good grades, one has to prefer one main learning strategy and make use of the other strategies as a support. Of the three strategies mentioned in the preferred leaning styles, read / write is the one which sounds good. Compared to strategies like aural, read / write and kinesthetic, read/write has more benefits. Most people use some or all of the instructions mentioned below if reading / writing is strongly preferred. The information is taken in the best way if one will do lists of readings , note headings, refer dictionaries, mark glossaries, have definitions and handouts, do reading like read textbooks and library readings, have notes of whatever you learn, read essays, note the good words and notes from the teachers and use of manuals for lab purposes. To benefit maximum from the r/ w one has to repeatedly write the words until memorized and also read the notes frequently to be up-to-date. Also its benefits from rewriting, in other words, of the ideas and principles learned. One has to be organizing the diagrams, graphs or charts into more comprehensible. Note answers for exams, multiple choice questions should be practiced, practice...
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