Tv Show Persuasive Argument

Topics: Simon Cowell, Syco, Singing Pages: 2 (651 words) Published: May 1, 2013
The X-factor
Welcome to the programme where everybody just wants to make popular music! Wrong! The X-factor is but merely a show for the vain to become famous or the unsuccessful to gain mild fortune! X-factor is a show that it advertised for anyone who themselves capable of singing to be able to put that over-confidence to the test and be shoved into the spotlight in front of an old welsh man who has never performed in music, a man from an unsustainable boy band, a girl from an ex-rap group and a girl from a now split up girl band. See a pattern here? They all failed the music industry. In the grand scheme of things, the x-factor isn’t to help people into a musical career nor is it to help people become famous; its sole purpose is for cash-hungry Simon Cowell to latch onto the winners earnings from success, like a flea to a dog! Let me introduce you to the kid who is teaching himself to play guitar... the guys in bands recording their own demos and playing in countless small venues... the unsigned songwriter with countless books full of lyrics... The people who just want to make themselves heard! They are the ones who want to make music! They are the real artists! Anyone who auditions for the x-factor just wants to be famous! Otherwise they’d already be out there ‘making music’ When it comes down to it, at the end of each series, it’s never the winner that has the biggest success anyway! Take JLS for example; despite my distaste for them, they still had much more success than whoever they came second to! And that says it’s all really, doesn’t it! I can’t even remember who beat them but I remember them because they had more success! The fact that the X-factor is so narrow minded in terms of the music they deem to be ‘popular’ in what the artists sings, its forever pop song singers or boy bands coming out of the god-forsaken excuse of a programme! Give me one example where they have let a rock singer get thought to the next round? ...Nope! Didn’t think you...
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