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  • Published : January 1, 2013
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On June 11th, 2002 American Idol became a major hit on reality television. It featured amateur singers trying to make what seems like their most precious dream come true. All these contestants had the dream of “attaining world renowned fame and stardom through the art of song”. American Idol is a musical competition which focuses on the various aspects of music and their genres. Each week themes are chosen by the producers of the show that will showcase superior vocalization. This gives the contestants an opportunity to select and present songs that embody the “theme of the week”. For instance some of the themes may be: Motown, The 60’s, Big Band, etc. The contestants must demonstrate and prove to the television viewing audience, judges, and studio audience that they possess electrifying talents in performance and that they have captivating personalities. Their vocal abilities along with their stage presence must prove that they deserve the title of “American Idol”.

That first year America chose Kelly Clarkston to be the shows first “American Idol”. In following years America chose singers with awesome vocal ability such as Ruben Studdard (2003 winner), Fantasia Barrino (2004 winner), and Carrie Underwood (2005 winner). Somehow America made a major mistake by week after week voting for Taylor Hicks. With his less than spectacular performance Taylor Hicks, not only made a mockery of him, but of the music industry as a whole. He was then voted the 2006 American Idol winner. Subsequent to the Taylor Hicks catastrophe Jordin Sparks (2007 winner) gave hope to many, that maybe not all of America had lost their hearing.

My attention has always gravitated towards reality television. Because reality TV portrays real life and real experiences as they occur, where mistakes cannot be erased or performances made flawless. I have been singing publicly since I was 8 years old, but music was never really important to me until I...
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