Corporate Involvement in Relation to Creating a Successful Accessible Artist

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  • Published : April 10, 2012
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Corporate involvement in relation to creating a successful accessible artist is more often than not a way for companies/ record labels to sell and promote a commodity. Creative practice is vital for an artist to shape the individual they want to be projected as to society and more importantly fans. Picking a target audience is key when choosing a direction to go with in relation to creative practice. For an individual to control the direction their music takes and to have an input in other creative aspects of their career is something all artists would ideally like. However having that guidance and security that corporate involvement provides within the music industry may be just as important to an artist that craves success. Therefore the question is whether or not sacrificing complete creative control over a career in the music industry has more beneficial outcomes than negative ones. There are two valid sides to this argument as there are positive and negative repercussions for having corporate involvement in relation to create practice. The music business is a multimillion pound industry and this is due to advertisement and promotion of big selling names that fit a certain purpose. If a music artist loses complete control of their creative practice they are arguably limited in terms of development and the variety of music they can produce. As their music is crafted for them and their image is moulded around what society deems as fashionable at the time. As an individual within the music industry a sense of individual identity is to a certain degree lost in the plight for fame and success. Record companies ‘exercise great power simply because they offer record contracts to few groups among many… ’, this is also relevant to solo artists as well of course. A record contract is considered a golden opportunity to any artist serious about their career and therefore the lengths people go to and the sacrifices they make in order to further themselves in the business...
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