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Science Trivia Quiz - Set 1
1. What is the change in body form that an insect undergoes from birth to maturity? 2. Where is the Sea of Tranquility?
3. Where is the Islets of Langerhans located in the human body? 4. _______ is the male part of the flower.
5. What is the term used to describe a large natural satellite of any planet? 6. What is the green pigment found in the cholroplasts of plant cells? 7. What is the branch of Physics that deals with light and its properties? 8. What machine converts kinetic energy to electricity?

9. What is the temperature at which a liquid boils to become a gas is known. 10. What is the mixture of gases which make up the atmosphere surrounding the earth? [pic]
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Science Trivia Quiz - Set 2
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Science Trivia Quiz - Set 3
1. What is the branch of science that studies matter and energy? 2. What instrument measures the density of a liquid?
3. Deoxyribonucleic acid is also known as _ __ _.
4. A matter that has a definite volume but no fixed shape is called what? 5. What is the precise measurement of progress from past to future called? 6. What instrument is used for measuring the pressure of the atmosphere? 7. Who discovered the law of gravitation?

8. What do you call a compound that forms hydrogen ions when it dissolves in water? 9. What is the force which tends to prevent motion between two surfaces called? 10. _____is the part of a flowering plant which develops from an ovule after fetilization. |[pic] |ALL ABOUT MLB Trivia Game Trophy Box - Major League Baseball | | |Current Bid: $9.45 | |[pic] |ARCHIE GRIFFIN 1974 1975 Heisman Trophy Winner ESPN Sports TRIVIA Q/A Game Card | | |Current Bid: $3.49 | |[pic] |Vince Lombardi Trophy / Ed Too Tall Jones - Vintage FB Trivia Card | | |Current Bid: $3.49 |

What is an atom? - Atom is the smallest particles of an element. [pic]
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Answers- Set 1
1. Metamorphosis
2. Moon
3. In the pancreas
4. Stamen
5. Moon
6. Chlorophyll
7. Optics

8. Generator
9. Boiling point
10. Air

Did you know . . .
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Ornithology is the scientific study of birds.
Answers - Set 3
1. Physics
2. Hydrometer
3. DNA
4. Liquid
5. Time
6. Barometer
7. Sir Isaac Newton
8. Acid
9. Friction
10. Seed

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