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Percy Montmount Essay

April 30th, 2013

Cody Stevens

Do you think percy montmount is the same as the average highschool student? In my opinion Percy is not the same as the average highschool student. He has a really different personality and does weird things compared to the rest of the school. There are three different reasons as to why I think Percy is different from the rest of his highschool and they are his personality/apperance, his beliefs, and how he has created conflics for himself and what the effects of that are.

Percy is a lot different than the other students. He states that his dad had given him his eyes, which are aquamarine, which Percy claimed he recieved from his father the night that he had died. He also has a thin boned, eagle nosed face. He has some really wierd behaviours such as stabbing himself in the nipple to relieve the pain that he is feeling inside. He does it to himself that way rather than cutting his wrists because a tribe called the "Beothuks" used to do it to themsleves. These reference's support what I have said because most regular students find a better way to cope with pain, such as sports, and if they are dealing with pain by using self harm they tend to cut their wrists, not stab themselves in the nipples. The only reason Percy does it to himself in the nipple is because he claims a tribe called the "Beothuks" used to do it in the ancient times. Percy Also claims his dad appeared after death and handed him his eyes, then vanished. Most highschool students have passed the stage of making stupid unbelievable things like that up once they left elementary school.

Percy has a really different personality than the other students of his age. The way he thinks of the different groups in the school is much different than the way someone else would think of them. Percy calls the groups in his highschool "tribes", like they are some type of ancient group of people. He enjoys watching the way they act...
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