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Topics: The Lightning Thief, Percy Jackson, Percy Jackson & the Olympians Pages: 2 (758 words) Published: April 8, 2013

Percy Jackson and the Olympians, The Lightning Thief, is a book about a twelve-year-old boy named Percy Jackson who learns he’ s a demigod. As the son of Poseidon he is sent on a quest with his friends Annabeth and Grover. They must find Zeus’s stolen lightning bolt and return it by the summer solstice to avoid a war with the gods. Along the way they learn about trust, betrayal, and courage.

This book has many themes but some of the important ones are Trust, Betrayal, and Courage. Percy and his friends demonstrate these many times throughout the book.
Trust and Betrayal are probably the most important themes in the book. Percy has a hard time trusting people. He is dyslexic, has ADHD and always gets in trouble at school. Always being blamed for bad things made it hard for him to trust anyone. When he finds out Poseidon is his father and he tries to help him in situations, Percy was unsure how to deal with the help. He was upset that his father never had contact with him and only made himself known when he needed Percy’s help. Percy felt like he to get the lightning bolt back was using him. He also had to leave to trust his friends Annabeth and Grover. They got into many situations and they had to trust each other. One example is when they were in Denver and they meet up with Ares. He wants them to get his shield that he left in a water park. Because they weren’t aloud to say no to the God’s, they went. Percy and Annabeth went down into an empty swimming pool to get the shield while Grover stayed on top. Of course it was a trap, Hephaestus made a trap to catch his wife with Ares. Silky threads and spiders started attacking them. They had to trust each other to get them out of trouble. Annabeth hated spiders and the threads were raping around them like a net. Grover turned on the water and Percy had to trust Annabeth when they jumped out of the pool at the exact same time. Grover then came and grabbed them with his winged shoes. Another incident...
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