Traveling Options

Topics: Tourism, Automobile, Economics Pages: 2 (748 words) Published: December 10, 2012
Traveling Options
Different Factors Help Determine Which Is Better
Jama Meeks
English Composition EN140

After the family decided to go to San Diego California for the family vacation the very next question that was asked, “Should we fly or drive?” A minor detail in the planning of our vacation, and yet it became a major decision. This minor detail had the most taught and research put into it This decision had many different factors involved in it; such as the cost, how much time will we have to spend traveling, and if it matters if we miss all the scenic sights we will miss if we flown After all this calculation, one might decide to not even go on vacation, because the cost is too expensive or just all together stressful. Our family consists of two adults and one child and the cost of the airline tickets would be $1,944.60 for all of us to fly, which is $648.20 per person (Travelocity). Instead of flying we could decide to drive the 2,131 miles to San Diego (MapQuest). This decision has other things to factor in when deciding the cost of driving. Should we rent a car, or decide to put the miles and wear and tear on our car? Renting a standard size car for two weeks would cost $510.58 (Travelocity). The cost of gas would also factor into the price of driving. The average price of a gallon of gas is $3.63 from Indiana to San Diego (Gas buddy). So driving the family car would cost$740.52. Going the rented car route and rented a 2013 Nissan Maxima, gas would cost $595.32 (Fuel economy).Flying would cost a flat total of $1,944.60. On the other hand, driving the family car would cost $740.52 just for gas. Renting a car plus gas would cost $1,105.90. Unless your family does not worry about money, this factor might not even matter. This particular vacation had two weeks allotted time. Other families might not have that much time, could have just a few days to a week. So then the time it takes to fly there verses driving time becomes a factor. Some prefer to get to...
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