Speech to Persuade for Travel

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  • Published: May 15, 2008
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Planning Your Vacation

Imagine getting away from the monotony of your everyday life. You can lie on the beach sipping a cool drink miles away from your worries of getting a paper done or helping a customer at work. You can be on top of a mountain overlooking beautiful lands that are different from your own backyard. Half of the class has taken a vacation less than five times in their lifetimes, but let’s face that most of those probably included those little family vacations to Disneyland. But, all of you said that you planned to travel someday. So, why not do it sooner than later? One of the reasons for not traveling that many of you put is not having time because of school or work. Also, one of your major concerns is budgeting. Between budgets and busy schedules, it is not always easy to set aside time and plan a getaway. PROPOSITON

Getting away, even for a short period, can do wonders for your well being, so you really cannot afford to not travel.

(TRANSITION: First, I will give you the reasons why you should be planning that vacation as soon as possible.) I. One person that gives us many reasons why we should get to packing is the famous traveler, Rick Steves A. First, there are the benefits to your mental health.

1. Traveling gives us the opportunity to relax and de-stress, which prevents burnout. 2. Even travel stress is positive stress because it is not the kind caused by home life. 3. By taking that trip, you also avoid monotony and have a break from normal everyday life. 4. Next, it gives you an attitude adjustment because not only is the planning fun, but also having something to look forward to can brighten your mood. 5. On top of that, vacations give you a chance to meet new people, and maybe even learn about different cultures 6. If you take a partner along, it can strengthen your bond as you two experience new things together 7. One of the most important things is that you are creating memorable experiences and you won't have to regret not having done so later in life. B. There are also the other benefits, which includes the physical benefits from traveling. 1. Since you are more likely to be outdoors, even if you are not hiking, you will be breathing more deeply and oxygenating your blood 2. You will also probably be more active as you will be involved in more activities and doing more walking than in your normal routine. 3. Lastly, you might eat better because you will probably eat at more restaurants instead of fast food or the less diverse micro waved leftovers.

(TRANSITION: Next, I will show you how to plan a trip, even for the tightest budgets or time frames) II. There are many ways to get the best deals and deals that fit a strict schedule. A. Susan Breslow Sardon, a travel guide author, suggests certain months to go on a trip because off seasons provide the cheapest airfares and hotel rates. 1. January is the best time for New York and Washington DC, even though it will be a bit early to see the cherry blossoms. 2. Ireland is better to go to in February, as is the closer to home, Dallas, TX. 3. March is great for Italy, Spain, and another close one, Los Angeles. 4. April is the best time to sit on the beach in Jamaica.

5. Of course there are more for each month.
B. For the best deals that fit strict times, there are websites that can help you. 1. The one that pops up the most for frequent travelers, and even on Rick Steves website is Travelzoo.com. 2. Also, you can do your own comparisons with the well advertised ones like, Expedia.com, Travelocity.com, and Cheaptickets.com, especially for whole vacation packages. C. Because I was working with a weird schedule, and a very limited budget, my very own spring break vacation was one of the hardest to plan. 1. First, I researched and compared, which led me to the decision to visit some friends in Seattle with my boyfriend. 2. Next, I did even more comparisons with all the major and not so major sites to help plan a vacation...
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