Project Charter

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Project Charter
A Vacation to Remember
Kaplan University
Project Management IT 301
April 6, 2013

Lewis Travel Investors
A Family Vacation
Project Charter

Project Name: Family Vacation
Project Manager: Mrs. Lewis
Project Tracking Number: 5511-6677
Project Justification:
The intent of the project at hand is to ensure that larger families have an enjoyable, stress free vacation within a reasonable budget. We will explore possibilities beyond the limited amount of people per hotel room, and discover affordable ways to accommodate the perspective families when they exceed the standard limits. Project Priority:

This vacation is the primary project and should supersede any and all projects until the planning is complete, all accommodations, reservations and admissions have been confirmed.

Overview of Deliverables:
1.0 Parents and Children
2.0 Tickets
3.0 Motels
4.0 Rental Car
5.0 Location of Vacation
6.0 Dining
7.0 Activities
8.0 Accommodations

Specific Project Objectives and Success Criteria:
A. The goal of this particular project is to successfully plan a stress free, affordable, and enjoyable vacation. The vacation will be taken in the summer of 2014. The Vacation Planner or Project Manager, “PM” Mrs. Lewis, will be responsible with providing the family with a day to day status report of the project until the day of departure. I. Affordability

A. This vacation is intended to stay within the family’s set budget. II. Quality
A. All deliverables shall be approved and approved by the Parents of the family before reservations are made and prior to the purchase of any tickets or admissions. Project Activities Decomposition:

When reviewing the WBS, an individual should be able to decipher how far along the project is, what aspects have been completed, and what actions have yet to be executed. The following WBS should be clear enough to eliminate any and all questions regarding the...
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