Vacation Spots

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Vacation Spots
Vacation in paradise is the most important event in one’s life and every place in the world, people find a glorious space where a family can bond and enjoy the time that they have being together. A family is given two vacation spots to choose, Destin, Florida which is local and the other is Palma Resort which is in Surigao, Philippines. Both vacation spots have similarities, the family will face a lot of challenges vacationing outside the United States rather than vacationing locally. One important difference in vacationing between Destin, Florida and Palma Resort is the venue or location. Vacationing in Destin, Florida requires on a family to drive and a choice to fly to reach their destination while going to Palma Resort, Surigao, Philippines, and a family can go there by flying and no other way is available. The family also will be safe to venture around the city while vacationing locally while in Palma Resort the family is only safe if they stay within the boundaries of the resort otherwise safety is at your own risk. Another difference between vacationing locally in Destin, Florida and Palma Resort is the cost that will come up. Vacationing in Destin, Florida, the cost would be minimal and affordable among middle class family. The family can also use their own car to travel to reach their Kwong 2

destination and this would save a lot on a budgeted vacation. Travel tax is not imposed while vacationing locally. On the other hand vacationing outside the United States in Palma Resort, Surigao, Philippines will incur a higher cost in airfare. It will cost a family of five at least $10,000 just to purchase airfare to the Philippines and this does include the fare to go the resort which is estimated between $1,500 to $2,000 per family of five (5), travel tax is imposed by the airport authorities since the family is just visiting a foreign country. The family has to rent a car or a van to venture out of the resort because...
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