Descriptive- Puerto Rico - How to Atract People

Topics: Puerto Rico, Taste, Bomba Pages: 2 (402 words) Published: October 31, 2012
Descriptive- Puerto Rico - how to atract people

Puerto Rico, the island of enchanting wonders and Caribbean delights. The island possesses certain qualities that make it one of the most spectacular getaways for any vacation seeker. The moment any person sets foot on this beautiful isle the most noticeable experience is the wave of fresh Caribbean air, and if their lucky, the smell of one of the most popular beaches near the Luis Muñoz Marin airport, El Balneario. Tourist can get a sense of beauty just by taking in the majestic scenery of the flora, fauna, people and the rustic culture that just might catch the eye of ongoing visitors. They can also get the savory taste of Puerto Rican cuisine and send their taste buds to a whole new world.

Puerto Rico ha many monuments and attractions that will appeal to the likings of all types of people. We have the famous monument “E Morro” which is essential piece of the history of the island and is open to all. Another good place to go is to the various natural attractions such as “ Las cuevas de Camuy”, El Yunke, Las cascadas de Aguadilla, etc. Other than that, people can visit various beaches all around Puerto Rico. There are also resorts and hotels for those who just want a bit of peace and tranquility.

For those looking to please their palate, Puerto Rico offers some of the most delicious cuisine around the world. Here you can find some tropical foods like mofongo, alcapurias, bacalaitos, sanconcho etc that you will taste and love because is going to be some new for you. We have a lot of tropical drinks to for all ages for the adults we have mojitos, fruit smoothies with alcohol , margaritas etc. and for the children we have delicious fruit drinks, smoothies, and even fruit ice cream. Here in Puerto Rico you can find a lot of hanging places like pops, restaurants, malls, museums, etc. You can experience are Puerto Rican music and rhythms such ass salsa, bomba, merengue, etc. Are people are very kind and...
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