Transitions Common Uncommon How to Support Children

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  • Published : October 5, 2012
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Common transition
Through out are life we will go through a number of different transitions that will effect our life’s along the way , some more common than others. The main transitions in life happen within our childhoods. Here is a list of the most common transitions in day to day life. * Starting nursery.

* Starting a new school.
* Moving to a different school.
* Puberty
* Starting employment.
Changes in the family, e.g. a new member or separation.
Uncommon transitions
There are also uncommon types of transitions such as
* Bereavement
* Serious illness
* Moving to a different country
* Being admitted to hospital
* Entering or leaving a care home
* Divorce
* Entering or leaving a care setting
All of the above will have different effects on different people, some of which will trigger off some sort of emotion. How transitions may affect children
* A lot of transitions that young children go through can affect their behaviour or development. * For example if a young child is making a transition to a new school it could affect them emotionally and socially. The child would be leaving their old friends behind and making new ones in their new school. This could knock their confidence and make them shy away from new people in their surroundings. The pressure of the new school, routine, people and teachers could have an effect on their academic development. This could also delay their learning as the child is adjusting to the new settings.

How to help & support children
* Talk and explain the situation. Why it has happened.
* Show them the ‘positive’ side.
* Relate through stories songs and rhymes.
* Be patient and wait until they are ready.
* Support their decisions
* Guide them into the right directions
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