Assigment023Task C

Topics: Family, Childhood, Youth Pages: 2 (488 words) Published: May 28, 2013
Assignment 023understand child and young person
Task E complete table

Give ONE example of transition| Give ONE possible effect on children and young people’s development| Evaluate the benefit of a positive relationship during this period of transition – provide ONE example| Emotional| The child is no longer the number one priority and now shares her parent’s carer’s affections. The child may want to attention seek as their sibling would receive more being a new comer into the family. The child may cry or act up seeking attentions.| Parents speak to the child and explain that they the elder sibling will have too look after the younger sibling as they are older. The child is thought to do some task in helping the parents with the new child. This builds relationship and between parents and siblings. This also integrates the older sibling in taking care of the younger sibling.| A single child is joined in the family by a new sibling. Child aged between 5 -7| | | Physical| The child will move from a familiar setting into new surroundings. They will be with new people and no longer on a one to one relationship with their carer. They child may become withdrawn or frightened and cry. The lacks of self-confidence will the child by not wanting to participate within activities or group. They may not talk due to the low esteem. | The child receiving encouragement and support from setting practitioners. They become to develop social skills and improve on self-confidence and understand boundaries. The child becomes less dependent on a single practitioner. They become more self-reliant and start to express themselves.| A child aged 2-4 years old. Moves from being with a child-minder while parents works going into a pre-school | | | Physiological| This will effect Young girl’s moods swings their hormones changes. For young boys become more aware and self-conscious of them self’s. | Young children are becoming adults they...
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