Transferable Skills

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For this task I would have to demonstrate the transferable business skills that I currently have and how I intend to further develop my transferable skills at the level needed for my intended career path.

Transferable skills are the general abilities you develop that are useful across a range of different jobs and industries. They might be role-related, technical or general. You can gain transferrable skills from many different ways from trainability among job types which is being able to learn a skill from one job and being able to use it working in another, transferability in seniority level which is skills being learnt in one position that can be used when in a higher management position and transferability among industries which is using a skill like problem solving in two different career industries

Within the career path that I will like to pursue in the further there are many transferable skill I have learnt from attending secondary school, college and working part time at The EDF London Eye that I will be able to use to use during university, my graduate jobs and any other job I will get and progress from.

Communication skills

Over the seven years of being in secondary and tertiary educational institutions and different work placement experiences. I have learnt and gain great communication and interpersonal skills due to having to converse with a diverse group of people with different backgrounds. I can listen and understand and I’m very approachable and know how to deal with different personality types. My communication and interpersonal skills has grown quite a bit since working at Thorpe Park and London eye, dealing with a verse amount of personalities and traits. My communication is quite good but there is always ways of me improving, I want to progress in the field of business management and I know within that field communication skill is key and can open up the doors to new deals and sponsorship deals when working in for a...
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