Training Provides Workers with Skills Needed in the

Topics: Skill, Employment, Resource allocation Pages: 1 (309 words) Published: April 20, 2012
Training provides workers with skills needed in the workplace. However, many organizations have dynamic environments in which change is the norm. How can training requirements be identified when job duties are a moving target? There are three ways to approach training in dynamic and rapidly changing environments. First, the company can focus on those aspects of the job that are not changing; usually not everything can change all the time. Second, the training department can focus on becoming a rapid deployment organization to be able to provide immediate and upto-date training that will assist the employees in learning the new tasks that they must perform. Third, the focus can shift to general skills and information that the employees will need to assist them in dealing with the rapid rate of change. Dealing with change can even be a topic of training. 1. Referring to Kirkpatricks four levels of training evaluation discussed in the chapter, what level of evaluation was BP using before it devised the seven measures of change? BP was at level 2, the learning stage. Integrating level 3, behavior, gave BP the tools to measure the effectiveness of the first two levels of training. 2. What level of training evaluation is represented in the seven measures of change identified by BP? Is this an adequate measure of the effectiveness of training? Explain. Level 3 behavior was represented by BPs seven measures of change. This is a good way to measure the effectiveness, but the 4th level, results, will also have to be applied. 116 Chapter 8 3. If you oversaw the first level leader training program at BP, what major steps do you think should be undertaken? Describe? Students will have many good ideas as how to improve the training program at BP, including technology options, presentation options, creativity, support of management and resource allocation.
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