Training Plan

Topics: Customer service, Sales, Sales process engineering Pages: 5 (1446 words) Published: November 3, 2008
Training and Mentoring Needs
Due to the reorganization of the sales team and the shifting focus of the sales force, it is important that the team be educated with the tools necessary and prepared to take on this challenge. The new sales team, consisting of members from InterClean as well as members from EnviroTech, is going to need training to learn how to tackle the changes that are occurring. The current sales team is made up of three members from EnviroTech, who have excellent customer service skills with some sales experience. They are used to creating relationships with the customer and for the most part, are knowledgeable in customer service skills. They are also used to working in a diverse team environment. Although these employees have great customer appreciation, they could use some training in sales strategies. The rest of the team is made up of employees from InterClean. These employees have excellent sales strategies and are aggressive in meeting and exceeding sales goals. They are not, however, used to working in a team environment and could use some training on their customer service skills. By training the team in customer service, they will better learn how to serve their customers and by doing so, will hopefully help to form business relationships with the customers and increase the rate of return customers. With the amount of competition in the market today, it is important to be able to keep customers. The ability to solve problems and form relationships with customers is crucial. (Cascio, 2005) The team should also receive training in team building and interpersonal relationships. The composition of the team has changed and members of the team must learn how to cope with these changes. By learning how to work in a team environment, they will be able to use each person’s unique skills to better service the customer. It is important to be able to ask for ideas, offer help without being asked, develop listening and feedback skills, and recognize and consider ideas of others (Cascio, 2005)

Objectives of the Training Program
1.)Increase customer satisfaction ratings through the formation of business relationships 2.)Increase the rate of repeat business, while still maintaining a growth in new customer business 3.)Increase teamwork and smooth transition with new sales team

Performance Standards
1.Sales representatives must make a minimum of 10 calls per day to current customers, and a minimum of 10 calls per day to potential customers/leads. 2.Sales representatives must meet or exceed individual sales goals per quarter, as defined by their supervisor. 3.Sales representatives must treat each customer in a friendly manner and genuinely offer assistance. 4.Sales representatives must attend weekly team meetings.

5.Sales representatives must work together with fellow team members to provide what is best for the customer.

Delivery Methods, Content & Time-Frame
Customer service training will be provided to the sales team through a combination of lectures and mentoring. Lectures will be given for one week during the first half of the day by hired customer service specialists who are specialize in teaching customer service skills. In these lectures, there will be group sessions to discuss customer service incidents, role play possible scenarios and utilize behavior modeling. By discussing incidents in groups, representatives will hear ideas from others that they may not have thought of on their own. They will also be able to role play to practice their skills and actually put them into use, instead of just reading or hearing someone say it. Videos and DVD’s of customer service incidents can be used as examples in these classes. For example, Safeway requires all new trainees to watch the “lemonade stand” video, which demonstrates the use of their customer service skills used by children in a lemonade stand. By actually witnessing good customer service, representatives will be able to fully...
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