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Aviation Officer Career Management Team Leader
October 28, 2012

TO: Director, United States Army Human Resources Command

FROM: Major Jeremiah J. Simpson, 25th Combat Aviation Brigade

DATE: October 28, 2012

SUBJECT: Recommendation to Establish Aviation Officer Career Management Teams

The United States Army must develop and train its officers into leaders capable of winning our nation’s wars without losing the trust and confidence of the soldiers that they lead. There is an immediate need for the establishment of dedicated Aviation Branch Officer Career Management Teams (OCMT) at the Brigade and Battalion level within the Army’s Combat Aviation Brigades (CABs) to ensure the Army’s officers are being developed to the fullest extent possible. To date, the Army has failed in that endeavor.

The Operational Gap

Today, the Army’s aviation assets consist of 12 active duty Combat Aviation Brigades and eight Reserve Combat Aviation Brigades (Dunnigan, 2011). While the types of CABs may vary slightly across the force (some have AH-64Ds Apache attack helicopters while others have OH58D Kiowa Warrior scout helicopters), each CAB has approximately 2,700 soldiers (Dunnigan, 2011). Each CAB’s soldiers are spread out between a Headquarters and Headquarters Company (HHC) and five Aviation Battalions (Dunnigan, 2011). Each Battalion and HHC has a personnel Career manager for enlisted soldiers only. There is one enlisted Career manager for approximately every 250-300 Soldiers. The Brigade’s officers (a combination of Warrant Officers and Commissioned Officers) make up between 25-30% of a Combat Aviation Brigade (between 675 and 810 officers) and are only represented by branch managers at Human Resources Command (U.S. Army Human Resources Command, 2012). Considering there are 20 Aviation Brigades, the 25 total branch managers for the Aviation branch are currently responsible for the career management of approximately 15,000 officers at an average ratio of 600 to 1 (U.S. Army Human Resources Command, 2012). With career management done at a ratio of two to three times higher than what we provide our enlisted soldiers, officers in the Aviation branch are not managed effectively.

Aviation Officer Career Management Team Job Analysis Data Collection

The data collected to identify the operational gap in officer management for Aviation Brigades was obtained using job performance and observation methods during the past 15 years of my military career. In the performance of my duties as a military officer and observation of two fellow officers (LTC Joshua Higgins and MAJ Whitney Gardner) who have previously served as a branch manager between 2006 and 2011, the data collected that identified the operational gap is credible and a basis for the job analysis for perspective Aviation Officer Career Management Team Leaders.

Aviation Officer Career Management Team Leader Job Description

The first result of the job analysis is the development of the job description. The job description for the Aviation Officer Career Management Team Leader provides an overall written summary of tasks requirements for the position (Cascio, Chapter 5, 2010). The job description includes the position details, duties, and performance requirements.

Aviation Officer Career Management Team Leader Job Details

The team leader for the Aviation Officer Career Management Team would be responsible for coordinating a team consisting of the team leader and six assistant team leaders. The team is responsible for the development of training programs, career path progression advisement, and retention of a Combat Aviation Brigade’s talented officer corps. The team leader and his/her team are a group of civilians with prior service in the military as a commissioned or warrant officer capable of providing world class guidance and direction to officers in a Combat Aviation Brigade.

Aviation Officer Career Management Team Leader Job...
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