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Research Paper Topic: Training

Student’s Name: Adeola Ajepe

Institutional Affiliation: University of Maryland University College

Professor: Joette Mills

Date: April 4, 2012

Training consists of organization’s learning activities, which are capable of improving individual performance through change in knowledge, skills or attitudes. In a broader sense, it includes experience intended to meet essential job requirements, update skills, and prepare people for career movement or any kind of reality, knowledge or skills differences, and evolve new insights or even create new knowledge. It is thus, an important tool for changing individuals by giving them new management knowledge and skills. Training is a paramount aspect of human resource management, which aims at producing individual employees, who can be more effective and efficient in job performance. Training targets to achieve this through a rigorous process of improving, updating/modernizing and refining staff skills, proficiency and knowledge. Process training involves a set of activities including staff participation in various projects (Aiman-Smith, Bauer & Cable, 2001). Should training be demeaned or taken as a lesser part in any organizational framework, then it is as good as saying that an organization has not been effective in carrying out the human resource function, as a whole. In a nutshell, training is vital in presenting opportunities to improve the profile development, of not just the trainees, but the organization as a whole. Having realized the importance of training in increasing the level of employees’ commitment, both senior managers and human resources managers have embraced it in their organizations. Just as other important concepts of human resource management, training requires prior planning to be a success. This paper addresses the major roles of planning as a function of human resource management; it also addresses the aspect of staff training and its effect on organizational effectiveness, training models and other important aspects of training.

Roles of training
Training has several possible roles in the implementation of Human resource grand strategy. Among the many, it is the very important aspect of creating steady supply of talented manpower within the organization. Through structured, but long term plan or individual development plans, individuals are prepared for promotion, transfer or even sub sensitive change in existing jobs (Bauer, Truxillo, Sanchez, Craig, Ferrara & Campion, 2001). In short, training equips individuals with the right skills and makes them well qualified. When this is done in the organization, it is employed on a large number of employees making them ready for new challenges at higher levels, whenever opportunities arise. Secondly, training is an important and useful tool for equipping individuals with the knowledge, skills and attitude they need to important organizational strategy (Backhaus, Stone & Heiner, 2002). In other terms, it entails short term importance for change, relevant to existing jobs and problems faced in implementing existing human resource, and the organization at large strategies. Training can be of major help to an organization that is moving towards implementation of a new strategy in a changing environment. As a consequence of pressures inside and outside an organization, individuals face new problems and forces of change. These pressure calls for new skills from job loiters, and as such training strengthen and emphasizes on change and expectations about desirable job performance (Barber, 1998). Another important role of training is its ability to act as a potential tool for equipping persons with the important skills, they need to think strategically. One implication of a rapidly changing environment is that everybody must think strategically, especially when decision – making is...
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