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  • Published : March 31, 2013
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Topic: Several Suggestions to Develop a Custom Training Plan for Department of Forest Protection of Hanoi

Statement of the Problem
Organizations are formed with their employees/staffs or their Human Resource. The basic objective of a group is using its HR effectively to reach its target. One of the most important areas of Human Resource Management is training. The way that the enterprise builds and applies the training and developing program would affect not only the current productivity but also the development in the future of the company. Despite the role of training staffs, this work has not been paid much attention. Even though the staff training plans of Hanoi Forest Protection Department have worked effectively, there are some weaknesses that need to be improved. This study targets in defining and suggesting solutions for those. Purpose and Scope of work

The purpose of this study is to determine the current problem in training programs in Hanoi Forest Protection Department. The study will evaluate the importance of training plans and their impact to organization’s development. Besides, basing on the collected data and information, some suggestions would be proposed to improve the Group’s current issues. Source and methods of data collection

1. Collecting Data
Primary Data: - Send and collect the printed sheets that have about 10 questions around the current training programs of the organization. * Interview a staff of Human Resource Department of the organization

Secondary Data: Search and get information from textbooks, Internet, old reports and other channels. 2. Research Methods:
There are numerous ways to get information. In my report, the research methods used are: literature searches, talking with people and personal interviews Literature search involves reviewing all readily available materials such as internal company information, annual training reports, annual training plan, company literature and any other supplied...
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