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Methods of Evaluation: Training Techniques
Mahmoud M. AL-Ajlouni Assistant Professor, Deptt. of Business Administration Irbid National University, Irbid Jordan E-mail: Salah M.H Athamneh Assistant Professor, Deptt. Humanities Jordan University of Science and technology Irbid, Jordan Abdulnaser A. Jaradat Assistant Professor, Deptt. of Marketing Irbid National University, Irbid, Jordan Abstract The Evaluation of any training programme has certain aims to fulfill. These are concerned with the determination of change in the organizational behavior and the change needed in the organizational structure. Hence evaluation of any training program must inform us whether the training programme has been able to deliver the goals and objectives in terms of cost incurred and benefits achieved. The analysis of the information is the concluding part of any evaluation programme. The analysis of data should be summarized and then compared with the data of other training programmes similar nature. On the basis of these comparisons, problems and strength should be identified which would help the trainer in this future training programmes, to stop short of completion of the training systems design methodology, by avoiding the evaluation,our training effectiveness is reneging on our commitment to our students. The future requires more precise, reliable evaluation strategies, we like to think of training effectiveness evaluation in the same way that we think of surveillance tests in the plant, we perform training effectiveness evaluations to ensure our programmes work effectively. Keywords: Training Programme, On –the-Job-Training, Off-the-Job-Training, Training Techniques,Evaluation Methods.

In the modern computer era training has gained the reputation of dynamic concept which needs to be understood in that perspective most of the modern organization which do not respond to the dynamic change that are seen in changed environment may well fail to respond to the needs of organization and people. Hence organization virtually needs to aspire to respond to the change in the environment.

International Research Journal of Finance and Economics - Issue 37 (2010)


These changes may be concerned with organizational or individual behavior may be concerned with the structural change. Training is one of most important and effective means of bringing about change in an organization. Training is system which feed the needs. Skills. And knowledge of the people working in the organization... these skills and knowledge are acquired to fulfill a specify purpose or goal.

Concept of Training
Training has been defined by a number of scholars and trainers like Change agents. Some of the definitions are as follows: According to Fllippo:” the act of increasing the skills of an employee for doing a particular Job” can be termed as training.1 Similarly Steinmetz has observed. “Training is a term process utilizing a systematic and organized procedure by which non-personnel learns technical knowledge and skills for a definite purpose”.2 From the above definitions it can asserted training is a technique concerned with the development of skills and knowledge in particular actor discipline. Training enhances and improves person’s skills. Imparts knowledge to change person’s attitudes and values towards a particular direction. William G. Torpey has defined training as “the process of developing skills. Habits. Knowledge and attitudes in employees for the purpose of increasing effectiveness of employees in their present government positions as well as preparing employees for future government positions”.3 The above definition of training is based on assumption that all training is not necessary and all training is not beneficial. Training is a technique...
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