Integrative Case: What Went Wrong at University Hospital?

Topics: Management, Design, Hospital Pages: 2 (639 words) Published: August 8, 2012
Integrative case: What went wrong at university hospital?

In this memo, I would like to clarify the causes of the failure of the training program in the hospital and propose the new way of the training that could be more useful for both senior managers and the employees. According to the failed implementation of the training in the use of new equipment and software, First of all, one of the causes of the failure is the absence of survey need assessment of employees. The hospital’s senior management team was only concerned to “redesign the delivery of patient care” but had not thought about convincing the employees to think in the same way of the organization. Because of that, the employees were not satisfied with the policy and not using the new technology since they did not feel its value to the hospital even though the new equipment is worth thousands of dollars. Moreover, the causes of the failure are not only the lack of the assessment but also the design of the training program. The director of training and development, Wei Lee, also accepted that the sessions were poorly attended and were conducted using lecture and overhead format. These could make the employees feel bored and were not interested in the sessions. As the design of the training was not well organized, the outcome of the implementation also was not successful. Lastly, the training might be the problem itself. It was a good idea that management team tried to bring the new technology using in the hospital to make everyone could work faster. Besides, the new hardware and software should be learnable. That’s mean it was not too difficult to use because doctors and nurses need to familiar with the equipment in order to treat patients more efficiently and effectively. The training session might be too hard so one of the staffs said he could not possibly learn this stuff. From the causes of the unsuccessful training, I will propose the method of the training technology that could be more useful...
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