Traffic Restrictions Due to Air and Noise Pollution

Topics: Transport, Automobile, Pollution Pages: 2 (530 words) Published: May 23, 2013
Recently, big cities such as Tokyo, Beijing, and Shanghai suffer from serious air and noise pollution because of the volume of passenger cars. Although passenger cars are one of the most convenient vehicles for residents, the governments should ban passenger cars because the volume of passenger cars cause environmental issues, health problems of citizens, and fearful effects on transport of emergency vehicle. First, although the unit sales of eco-friendly cars is increasing in big cities, there is still exists a lot of polluting cars. In fact, as a result of using these polluting cars, cities are exposed to toxic substances such as exhaust fumes and carbon dioxide. According to a report by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry in Japan, these harmful substances have affected ozone layer destruction, global warming, and acid rain problem. Moreover, they have acknowledged that the increasing passenger cars are the primary cause of the above problems. Therefore, the governments should make a usage limit of polluting passenger cars. Second, some people argue that not only is the use of private cars cause health problems of residents because various vehicles such as buses, taxies, and trains also have a significant impact on health diseases. However, the amount of passenger cars is much greater than those of public transportation vehicles, and these cars are the major cause of residents’ health disease. In fact, in 1978, the first lawsuit of health disease by the volume of passenger cars had been brought in japan. After this lawsuit, several similar lawsuits occurred and most of sufferers won the lawsuit. For this reason, many local governments in japan such as Tokyo, Osaka, and Fukuoka prefectures call for residents not using private cars and recommend them to use public transportations. Thus, we must care about our health by reducing passenger cars in the cities. Third, even if people think that private cars are more convenient than public transportation vehicles,...
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